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Singer, songwriter, and Billboard Charting Artist Lexy Panterra talks about Spotlight, Mental Health, and Music. | COVER STORY

Big things are happening for Lexy Penterra. The 30-year-old broke out in with “Where Do You Go” and “More Than You” her ubiquitous hits  Billboard’s Hot 100. Within the year she has also released her EP “Gemini Valentine,". Considering all of this, it’d be easy to call Lexy an Overnight sensation—but that would be a mistake. Lexy has actually been hustling for the past few years. 

While this realness has endeared her to fans, some would say it’s made her rise to fame more of a slow burn. “My path has to success has been a rollercoaster, I think just like anyone! ,” Lexy says she did struggle with bullies and how people judged her body. she says "People have made me feel like I was too skinny, made me feel like I was too fat, made me feel insecure about being Persian, and I dealt with a lot of bullying when I was younger. But I think, as you get older, you start building more confidence, and it sucks that you can’t really learn that at a young age. ” Here, the refreshingly honest singer talks about finding success, learning to love her curves, and what are her upcoming projects.

May 2020 / 65 Issue

May Issue 2020. Welcome To Our 64 issue. Featuring Singer, songwriter, and Billboard Charting Artist Lexy Panterraon the cover and her exclusive interview and this issue is filled with Beauty, Fashion, Trends, and exclusive interviews.

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