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Deshae Frost transition from Stand-up Comedy to Music.

Deshae Frost transition from Stand-up comedian to Rapper and making hit singles like "Risk" and a recently released single called "Zombies". The 19-year-old Rapper is not only being active as a music artist but also has been seen acting, He played Darryl Henderson on CBS's SWAT from 2017 until 2018. He has opened for the likes of comedians such as Faizon Love and Tiffany Haddish. 

This year, he’s set to make it his year by going on tour and releasing more music, Deshae creates music with deeper meaning like his song "Risk", QUOTE: "Risk" is just something from the heart, a song that made me write about people that deal with substance abuse, really to shed a light on that. Especially what just happened with Juiceworld - Rest In Peace". He goes on to say "The inspiration behind RISK was helping people deal with something they may be going through. I'm personally not dealing with substance abuse, but I have always had people tell me stories of how they felt in those moments."

Deshae also opens up how it was hard for him to transition from Comdey to Music as people were used to seeing him as a stand-up comedian. QUOTE: The transition has been cool, it's hard but it's also a good one. It's like people know you for comedy so they expect comedy from you but it's like people tend to keep you in a box when they know you for something, they don't want you to have multiple talents or anything like that."

Deshae has risen to fame over the years and he told us how much fame has changed his life, QUOTE: "Life has changed tremendously for the better. A Lot of good things, things can definitely be challenging but God will stick with me through this journey."

Lastly he went on to say "I would stay just stay positive. Love one another, we are put on the earth to love. Follow your dreams and never quit."

PHOTOGRAPHER: J. Blaine Company  blainecompany.com 
STYLIST: Katellyn Tilley represented at blainecompany.com
GROOMING: John Blaine represented at blainecompany.com

February 2020 | 62 Issue

February Issue 2020. Welcome To Our 62 issue. We are thrilled to feature the talented Deshae Frost.


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