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Kendall Jenner Is Currently Being Accused Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’

Another day, another Kardashian drama – and this time it’s based at one of the younger members, Kendall Jenner.

Kendall recently was spotted on holiday with Hailey Baldwin and Justine Skye in Jamaica sporting her hair in cornrows, but fans are livid with her style decisions and some have accused her of ‘cultural appropriation’.
According to MTV, Twitter users are dragging the model for the hairstyle, basically saying that she had absolutely no place wearing them on her head, as she was ‘appropriating black culture.’
One user wrote: “Kendall Jenner don’t be problematic challenge: failed,” as another commented: “What the hell is Kendall Jenner doing with cornrows?”

yet another time that kendall jenner has appropriated black culture. these white women no longer have to think for themselves. they just exploit and steal from black women but are the ones who are praised for it.
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how come no ones talking about how kendall jenner’s hair was literally in cornrows the other night
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I always liked her, even after the Pepsi thing, but cornrows? Nah. Kendall, you can’t be that daft.
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However, some people came to the model’s defence, with one user even writing on their Twitter account: “I will never get this. Why is Kendall Jenner having cornrows in her hair any different to a black women straightening her naturally curly hair? If one is cultural appropriation, surely both are. I have never seen an African American woman with naturally straight hair.”
Another stepped up to back Kendall, writing: “‘Twitter is dragging Kendall Jenner so hard for wearing cornrows and IDK if she can ever recover’. This sad as fu@k. Racism lies not only in white, but black as well. Nothing wrong with @KendallJenner wearing cornrows! Why drag her over hairstyle. Grow up!!!”

[Featured Image Credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram]

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