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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | Music Sensation Devin Kennedy talks about new single "No Worries", Goals & Fans

Now that Devin Kennedy has your attention, he's ready to show you what else he's got.  Devin Released his new single "No Worries" and discuss what's the meaning behind the song for him and what has inspired him to pursue a career as an artist. These days, his music is everywhere, with successful rotation on Los Angeles radio stations as well as features on  “Today At Apple Playlist” in Apple stores nationwide, and BMI’s Music  Monday. Our Entertainment Editor Fami chit chats with Devin exclusively about his music. 

FA: So tell me about your new single "No Worries"?
DK: I wrote No Worries about cherishing quality time with the people you love. I think we’re all guilty of getting lost in the day-to-day and worrying too much about time & money. No Worries is a reminder that if you have supportive and loving people around you, things could be worse.

FA: What does this song mean to you personally? 
DK: The song is taken from personal experience with friends and family. I’m the worst with scheduling and keeping track of time, No Worries is a note to myself to spend time with the people I love, regardless of what’s happening in my life.

FA: Do you have a favorite line from the single "No Worries"? 
DK: I love the line “I love the way she moves when she’s curled up on the sofa on the landline. Talking to her sister bout whatever”. I think it captures what I tried to do on this song perfectly. It feels retro, the landline reference is definitely different in 2019, but at the same time, it has this unique and modern flare to it.

FA: At what age did you decide that Music will be your full-time job?
DK:  I played my first show in 6th grade. From the second I walked off stage I knew I was going to make a career out of music any way I could.

FA: Growing up who do you look up to as a musician?
DK: In middle school, I was really into bands like My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, etc. I still love those bands. As I started working more as a producer/writer I started to really fall in love with the craft of pop music. John Mayer will always be #1 for me.

FA: What’s one thing that you try not to worry too much about?
DK: These days I try not to worry about my crazy lack of sleep. I love what I do so much that I never want to stop/sleep, so it could be worse.

FA: You have released seven songs. Have you ever released an EP?
DK: In the works. Stay tuned!

FA: Do you have any plans on touring?
DK: Yes. Big plans. Touring is a hard side of the industry to break into, especially in the pop world where ideally you’d start by opening up for bigger acts. All in the works though.

FA: You’re only at the beginning of your career and you already have such a strong fanbase. How do you think that happens?
DK:  I think I’m really lucky to have a fan base that started with me collaborating with some amazing artists and producers and then started growing from there. It’s always felt very gradual since I started releasing solo songs, but midway through 2019 I feel like I’m really hitting a stride and my fan base is so supportive. It blows my mind every day.

FA: Do you have a fanbase name?
DK: Just voted on this. “Kennedudes”. It’s a California-Vibe.

FA: What are some of your summer goals?
DK:  I’m gonna get some more music out, do a few more videos, and then get out on the road.

FA: Describe your music sound for people who are just starting to listen to you.
DK: Organic R&B Pop

FA: And is there anything I missed out that you would like to add?
DK:  New music coming soon!

FA: Finally, what's your message for JAMO Readers? 
DK:  Thank you for reading about/supporting up-and-coming artists. Ya’ll arethe real MPVs.

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