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This Video of Kourtney Kardashian Crying Before Her 40th Birthday Is A Complete Mood

Kourtney Kardashian

We watched the entire Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods scandal unfold on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Now, they’ve just dropped a trailer for Season 17 and Kourtney Kardashian’s 40th birthday breakdown on KUWTK  is the show’s main focus. What would a KUWTK teaser be with drama and a few tears? The mom-of-three has been grappling with anxiety and it hits her hard in the trailer. While the reality star turned 40 on April 18, 2019—nearly three months ago—in this trailer, her birthday is 🎶 just around the Riverbend! And unfortunately, it’s not an exciting moment for Kourt.
40 is a big landmark. And we all have these expectations for what these milestone birthdays should be—25, 30, 40, 50! Khloé Kardashian asked her older sister an important question: “Are you happy?” adding, “I feel like you are like redirecting your anxiety and stress or whatever it is on your party or maybe turning a little older, I don’t know.” Kourtney replied, “I feel like turning 40… It almost makes you analyze like, where you’re at in your life.” As many people often wish, Kourtney told Khloé how she wished she had more time. She then went on to question whether she was using small, silly things in life to distract herself from bigger questions, thoughts or areas of life.
As she wipes away tears, she continues. “It gives me anxiety and I don’t know why. ‘Cause then I’m like, ‘I have so much and I should just be so happy.'” We’re guessing Khloé didn’t mean to open the floodgates with her seemingly innocent question, but in many ways, it’s probably good she did. It’s an important question, though often one with a loaded answer. Kourtney said she ultimately believes she is happy, but that she sometimes will just “do stupid sh*t to distract from really thinking about stuff that is maybe more important.” She then paused before adding, “I don’t know … then half of me is like, ‘Live your life. Have fun.'”
It’s an entirely relatable feeling, and one that we’re guessing resonates with most. Khloé chimed in with some words of support saying, “If you’re happy, that’s all that should matter for any of us. But I really don’t think your soul is happy…I think you feel incomplete somewhere. But you’re scared.” Aw. That’s kind of a sad thought. But Kourt didn’t defend herself or say anything more really…she just kind of looked off in the distance, letting Khloé’s words sink in.


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