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Jake Paul Brutally Calls Out Bella Thorne In Strange And Explicit Poem

YouTuber Jake Paul proposed to his new beau Tana Mongeau in Vegas after the pair had been together for two months.
Now, the pair claim that they’re getting married this month. Jake revealed the news in a strange poem that called out Tana’s ex-girlfriend, Bella Thorne.
Tana only broke up with Bella at the end of February, leaving a two month gap before Tana got with Jake officially. The news of the new YouTube-royalty engagement left Bella crying on Instagram and a wave of fans pretty confused about the timeline of events.

Revealing the wedding date, Jake spoke at Tana’s VidCon panel at the Anaheim Convention Centre on Saturday.
He said: “The day I met Tana, she ate my banana. Two years later we turned into ‘Jana’. No more broads in Atlanta, no more girls caught on camera. I’m loyal to you and all the spray Tanas.”

He continued: “Welcome to the Paul family, we welcome you with love. From the moment I met you, we fit like a glove. She’s the ying to my yang and is always down to bang.”
He then called out his big brother, and Bella Thorne, saying: “Logan and Bella can hate, the world can question our fate, but on July 28 you can all save the date.”
After the pair’s quick engagement, fans were a bit confused, with some even questioning whether or not it was a ‘prank’.
Ira Weissman, who is the founder of The Diamond Pro analysts website, chimed in to say that the video of the ring itself is pretty unusual.
“Nothing is a sure thing without seeing the ring up close but everything about this little clip says ‘fake,’ he told E! News.
“You can see the exaggerated sparkling light reflecting off of something in the bottom right of the frame in the beginning of the clip. This is exactly what you would want to use to try to enhance the sparkle of a simulated diamond to make it look like the real thing. Plus, the glassy look of the very large center stone as it’s brought closer to the camera also points heavily toward it being a cubic zirconia.”

Pretty compelling evidence the ring might not be exactly what it seems, but that doesn’t necessarily negate the engagement itself does it? After all, people have been known to get engaged using less expensive rings than a pretty damn good fake set of huge diamonds.
Especially as Jake has a less than stellar public image himself, along with his brother Logan Paul, it’s easy to wonder whether this whole mess is an elaborate attempt at a prank. 
Featured image credit: Instagram

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